Inauguration of the little hall in Trichy

Today was our special day in the little hall.
Almost one month after our entry in the flat, today was the grand inauguration!

Satheesh discovers the Ceremony of Recognition
First arrived, Satheesh, is a friend who we first met in a Temple in Sri Rangam, when he poped up in the middle of some meditation.  :-)

Then came our neighbour next door. His whole family was invited, but only he could make it so far.

Little by little we get to know each other and to build a warming the atmosphere.

Ana greets "Peace-Force-and-Joy", explains it, and... magic!

Jagdheesh, who we met in a very little indian restaurant where they don't expect tourists, joins the party.

Everything in a relax and joyful mood.

Deepening, we made an asking for ourselves and our close ones.

Later on Praveen and Vignesh arrived. We knew these brave guys in our first step with Bea, when we were in the street with our "Well-being in public" and they joined in to experiment.

Five hours went like a flash!
All happy, sharing, laughing, projecting a common future... looking forward to meet again.

We also want to greet all our friends who wanted to come, couldn't be present but still were copresent with us today.

Namer of a thousand names, maker of meanings, transformer of the world, your parents and the parents of your parents continue in you. You are not a fallen star but a brilliant arrow flying toward the heavens. You are the meaning of the world, and when you clarify your meaning you illuminate the earth. When you lose your meaning, the earth becomes darkened and the abyss opens.
I will tell you the meaning of your life here: It is to humanize the earth. And what does it mean to humanize the earth? It is to surpass pain and suffering; it is to learn without limits; it is to love the reality you build.
I cannot ask you to go further, but neither should it offend if I declare, “Love the reality you build, and not even death will halt your flight!”
You will not fulfill your mission if you do not apply your energies to vanquishing pain and suffering in those around you. And if through your action they in turn take up the task of humanizing the world, you will have opened their destiny toward a new life. 
Silo - Humanize the Earth


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