The future

The future you imagine determines your present.

Antenas' contact

The sensibility of our people is manifested in this form of communication a bit strange, as of contact of antennas and looks like caresses at a distance.

Adhesion to the light

People adhere to the light or reject it, and the light approaches or fades away. It is the commitment to that light that allows us to speak about responsibility and direction. Everything else, is the shadow of a shadow, the dream of a dream, the image of a mirror in a mirror.

Happy Dussehra 2016

Principle of valid action number 3 :

Do not oppose a great force. 
Retreat until it weakens, then advance with resolution.

The world of the meanings

The Message is not coming from above, nor from below, but from interiority, from the profound. Geometrically speaking it comes from the "z" coordinate (depth).
From the dot you can't see the line, nor from the line the tridimensionality.
This Message has meanings that transcend the time and space, because in this interiority there is the world of the meanings (which are not words, they are not epochal) where the "I" doesn't go.


Do not imagine that you are alone in your village, in your city, on the Earth, or among the infinite worlds.
 உனது கிராமத்தில், நகரத்தில், இந்த பூமியில் மற்றும் முடிவற்ற உலகங்களின் மத்தியில் நீ தனியாக உள்ளாய் என்று கற்பனை செய்யாதே.

happiness and liberty

Though you may be wise and powerful,
if happiness and liberty do not grow in you and in those around you,
I will reject your example.

The central experience

People could agree with the ideas but without experience nothing happens.

The experience of force is the central experience of Silo's Message.

Silo - Solving human life

Who does not solve daily life does not come out of dream.
It is in daily life where human life gets solved.