Human Rights in Madurai

It was in 2013, and it's nice reminding it!

Meaning of Life

I will tell you the meaning of your life here: It is to humanize the earth. And what does it mean to humanize the earth? It is to surpass pain and suffering; it is to learn without limits; it is to love the reality you build.
I cannot ask you to go further, but neither should it offend if I declare, “Love the reality you build, and not even death will halt your flight!”
You will not fulfil your mission if you do not apply your energies to vanquishing pain and suffering in those around you. And if through your action they in turn take up the task of humanizing the world, you will have opened their destiny toward a new life.

The future

The future you imagine determines your present.

Antenas' contact

The sensibility of our people is manifested in this form of communication a bit strange, as of contact of antennas and looks like caresses at a distance.

Adhesion to the light

People adhere to the light or reject it, and the light approaches or fades away. It is the commitment to that light that allows us to speak about responsibility and direction. Everything else, is the shadow of a shadow, the dream of a dream, the image of a mirror in a mirror.

Happy Dussehra 2016

Principle of valid action number 3 :

Do not oppose a great force. 
Retreat until it weakens, then advance with resolution.

The world of the meanings

The Message is not coming from above, nor from below, but from interiority, from the profound. Geometrically speaking it comes from the "z" coordinate (depth).
From the dot you can't see the line, nor from the line the tridimensionality.
This Message has meanings that transcend the time and space, because in this interiority there is the world of the meanings (which are not words, they are not epochal) where the "I" doesn't go.


Do not imagine that you are alone in your village, in your city, on the Earth, or among the infinite worlds.
 உனது கிராமத்தில், நகரத்தில், இந்த பூமியில் மற்றும் முடிவற்ற உலகங்களின் மத்தியில் நீ தனியாக உள்ளாய் என்று கற்பனை செய்யாதே.

happiness and liberty

Though you may be wise and powerful,
if happiness and liberty do not grow in you and in those around you,
I will reject your example.

The central experience

People could agree with the ideas but without experience nothing happens.

The experience of force is the central experience of Silo's Message.

Silo - Solving human life

Who does not solve daily life does not come out of dream.
It is in daily life where human life gets solved.

Aisha visit home, and Anisha Ansira

As they arrive, we invite neighbors come home

Sitting on the street hall spreading Silo´s Message

 The hall room on the street, a space of inspiration, despite some noise, connected and we are very grateful. 
Our first ceremony was with a beautiful child.

We go to the hall room to connect to the deep, to give opportunity to others, let our soul singing and smiling in the heart

Heart to heart connections despite language difficulties feel the message and take the book.

Presentación del Mensaje en la Salita de Trichy

8 de abril
Hoy han venido Priya, Hema, Jayanthi y Reka a la Salita después de salir de trabajar. Ellas lo hacen en el supermercado del barrio. En una atmósfera alegre y distendida se han llevado invitaciones para la presentación del Mensaje de Silo y la lectura del "El Camino" en tamil. Ha sido una alegría para todas encontrarnos.

April, 8th
Today Priya, Hema Jayanthi and Reka have come to the little hall before going to work. They work at the supermarket in the neighbourhood. In a happy and relaxed atmosphere, the went with invitations for the presentation of Silo's Message and the reading of the Path in Tamil. It was a joy for all of us to meet.

Priya, Hema, Jayanthi y Reka

Con Priya y Hema
Presentación del Mensaje de Silo en la Salita por Hugo N.


28 de Marzo de 2014

Cerca del piso/salita hay un supermercado donde hacemos compra una o dos veces por semana. Aprovechando la buena atmosfera invité a tres de sus empleados a comer a casa. Uno hace lo que puede para llegar a otros. La Regla de Oro la clave y mi cable a tierra.

Hoy ha sido un día muy significativo.
Dejo algunas fotos...

March 28, 2014 - Trichy
Near the apartment  there is a supermarket where we shop one or two times a week. Taking advantage of the good atmosphere, I invited three of the employees to eat at home. The Golden Rule is key and my ground wire.
Some photos ...

Reka y Jayanthi

Raju, Jayanthi y Reka

En la tarde, Jayanthi, me invito a visitar un templo cerca de su casa.
In the evening, Jayanthi invited me to visit a temple near her house.

Los Pedidos que la gente entrelaza y deposita.
Askings that people leave.


Saludando a los vecinos
Greeting the neighbours.

Jayanthi me llevo a su casa
Jayanthi's home

Limpió y preparó su altar.
She cleaned and prepared her altar.

A la puerta de su casa.
At the door of her house.

Oramos y disfrutamos de la puesta de sol desde su terraza.
We prayed and enjoyed the sunset from her terrace.

Se dejo fotografiar con su marido.
She let me take a picture of her with her husband.

De regreso salude a la vecina y me invitó a tomar té en su casa. Como pude, le comunique la experiencia vivida. Nos gustó el encuentro.
Mi agradecimiento a todos ellos.

On my way back, greeting the neighbour, she invited me for tea in her house. As I could, I shared with her the experienced I just lived. We enjoyed the meeting.
My thanks to all.

Public Talk in Bombay Chowpatty Beach

Bombay, India, November 1, 1981

"And what do we say today from India, the throbbing heart of the world, from India whose spiritual reserves have been a teaching and an answer for a world whose mind is sick? We say: “Treat others as you want them to treat you.” There is no human act superior to this; there is no moral law higher than this. When human beings understand this and carry it out in practice every day, and in every hour of every day, they progress and help others to progress with them.

The Earth is being dehumanized, and life is being dehumanized, and people are losing faith in themselves and in life. Therefore, to Humanize the Earth is to humanize the values of life. What is more important than overcoming the pain and suffering in others and in oneself? To make science and knowledge progress is of value if it goes in the direction of life. The fair and just production and distribution of the means of subsistence, health care, education, the formation of intellectuals with a sensitivity to social issues—these are tasks to be undertaken with the enthusiasm and faith merited by every action that struggles to overcome pain in others".   Silo

New images for diffusion

"Mi enseñanza no es para los triunfadores sino para aquellos que llevan el fracaso en su corazón.
"My teaching is not for the winners but for those who carry failure in their heart."

Indian Humanist Meeting in Chennai 24-26-27 January 2014


Encuentro en el Celebrity Center, en Padappai cerca de Chennai, un lugar tranquilo e inspirador, con los espacios necesarios para que se diera el intercambio y la comunicación con los amigos llegados de distintas partes de India, Italia y Argentina.
La buena atmósfera, el intercambio de proyectos, de experiencia, produjo en todos nosotros la alegría y la fuerza necesaria para seguir avanzando!!
El próximo encuentro será a finales de julio de 2014 en Jharkhand.

Meeting in the Celebrity Resort, Padappai, near Chennai. A peaceful and inspiring place, with the necessary spaces for exchange and communication among all the friends coming form different parts of India, Italia and Argentina. The good atmosphere, the exchange of projects and experience, produced in all of us the joy and the forcce necessary to keep going on!
Next meeting by the end of July 2014 in Jharkhand.

Visit by our friends Aisha, Anisha and Ansira

Today we had invited our 3 friends for lunch. 
2/02/2014                                 As usual, we had very good time together...

And the sun left as they did. ;)


Hoy domingo han venido por primera vez a nuestra casa "salita", Aisha y sus dos hijas, Ansira y Anisha. Las hemos invitado a comer y pasar la tarde juntos. Siento el registro de una profunda distensión en mi interior y la alegría de encontrarme con el otro en ese espacio interno mientras las tengo enfrente mio. Como si el registro de la fuerza se ampliara y nos abarcara en una misma cosa... aunque el otro no sea consciente... Sientes que el otro también se alegra y busca... queriendo saber más... aunque la mayor parte del tiempo se deposite en el mundo de las cosas yertas... y quiere saber de tu dios, de tus guías y sentirse que está con gente que puede confiar... CONFIAR

Today Aisha and her two daughters have come to our house-little-hall for the first time. We invited them to eat and spend the afternoon with us. I felt the register of a deep distension inside and the happiness of meeting with the other one in this inner space while I have them in front of me. As if the register of the force would amplify and take us in the same thing... even if the other one is not conscious of it... You feel that the other also gets happy and in search... willing to know more... even if most of the time he goes in the empty things... and is asking for your god, for your guide, and to feel being with people he can trust... TRUST
Ana S.

Kaanum Pongal — காணும் பொங்கல்

Kanum Pongal
Este último día del festival es para visitar a los amigos y la familia y para dar gracias por la cosecha.

Thai Pongal es una oportunidad para la gente de estar juntos, reconciliarse y  estrecharse unos a otros con amor, paz y compasión.

Maatu Pongal — மாட்டு பொங்கல்


Mattu Pongal
El tercer día se honra al ganado, las vacas, los toros y los bueyes que son la llave sagrada para la herencia agrícola tamil.

Thai Pongal — தை பொங்கல்


Festividad del THAI PONGAL (13/16 de enero). El espíritu de esta fiesta es dar gracias a los dioses por la buena cosecha obtenida.

Bhogi Pongal
Es el primer dia, se honra al dios INDRA, señor de las nubes y la lluvia. Se limpia la casa a fondo, se decora la entrada de la casa y se quema todo lo viejo, marcando asi el comienzo de una nueva vida, mas prospera y pura.

Surya Pongal
Es el segundo dia, se honra al dios sol, SURYA, es el principal día de la festividad. En una vasija de barro, al aire libre, se hierve la leche con el arroz y el azucar que se derramara en señal de abundancia.