Well being in public in Trichy

Today in Trichy, we went out for a ceremony of Well being in public.

We choose a place in some street in the center of the city, asked the sellers nearby if they were ok with our meditation down there and settled down.

In an instant many people started wondering what we were doing and tried to figure out, as we hardly could communicate, even in English.

Fortunately, we got some help !

No one really participated in the ceremony, even if many were listening while we were reading it aloud.

And many went away with a visiting card with our phone number, email and website.

We're really missing a good version of the Message in Tamil ! :)

Anyway, we've got some contacts, and we'll meet one of them tomorrow.


  1. Hello friends, thank you for sharing your wonderful experiences! Big hug, Peter

  2. FANTASTIC, Congratulations. HUGS Tito


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